How PSB INSPECTION can serve you

Reliable, professional services in the area of solid fuels, coal, coal-related and biomass products. PSB Inspection is the ‘new culture for setting weights, inspection, sampling and analysis’ for you.

The provision of service does no stop once the assignment has been carried out, the report has been sent and the invoice is sent. Even after some time has passed, you can always reach out to PSB Inspection for any questions you may have concerning the findings or reports relating to the assignment, without any extra charge whatsoever.

If you wish to receive detailed information concerning the services and options at PSB Inspection, please feel free to contact us (please find our contact details at the top of this page under ‘contact’).

You can also approach us for free advice or technical questions related to coal, cola-related products as well as for biomass products which may or may not have been handled by us. This is because the PSB Inspection philosophy is: ‘Giving up is not an option, and always being available for our customers and future customers.’

PSB Services: