The specialty of PSB INSPECTION

Quality is our specialty At PSB INSPECTION; you are at the right address for quality services with precision being our utmost priority.

Trading in solid fuels and biomass products has all kinds of varieties, each with their own characteristics and problems. PSB Inspection presides over a team of specialists, each specialised in inspection and sampling of various products.

For solid fuels, such as various kinds of coal of different origins for generating energy, cokes for the metal industry, Anthracite and Petroleum cokes for diverse industries, but also for the bio-mass products, PSB Inspection has various specialists available.

After the inspection and/or sampling, you the client will receive a detailed report of our findings.

All sampling and sampling preparations are carried out in accordance with the most recent ISO and/or ASTM International Standards, which we adhere to and tighten by way of internal rules in order to ensure quality and assurance for all parties involved, suppliers and recipients as much as possible.

PSB Inspection is also routinely hired to be the ‘Umpire Lab’ whereby samples are received from the ports of loading and unloading. The assessment and results provided by PSB Inspection is considered as binding.