The PSB specialists

Because of the large differences in different fuels, it is important that our team has a wide knowledge and is employable for all these types of fuels.

The PSB Inspection team therefore consists of specialized Senior Surveyors, equipped with broad knowledge in the field of weight determination of ships, stockpile inspections and temperature controls.

All our surveyors are specialized in a specific coal product. For example; inspections for energy generation, coal for Coke production (Coking Coal), Coke for the steel industry, Petroleum Coke, Anthracite and Biomass. These specializations are crucial because every product has its own special features and challenges.

The team has a broad spectrum of experience in the field of;

  • Weight determination of inland vessels.
  • Draft survey of sea-going vessels (Coasters, Handy-size ships, Panamax ships and Cape-size ships).
  • Stockpile coal inspections.
  • Sampling the various products and preparing the samples taken.
  • Performing quantitative and qualitative inspections of various fuels.
  • Temperature checks of stockpiles and of coal / biomass / metal / mineral loads.
  • Room inspections of seagoing vessels and inland vessels before they are loaded with a coal related, metal, mineral and / or biomass product.

Almost all senior employees have been trained for inspections under the responsibility of CEO Peter Bagchus in the past. The younger employees also follow their training within PSB Inspection.

Our specialists on location are supported by an enthusiastic team of employees at the PSB Inspection office. Our rapid success is partly due to the special efforts of this entire team of enthusiastic employees, who are committed to the company as a family.

Peter Bagchus


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