The specialty of PSB INSPECTION

The trading in solid fuels, metals, minerals and biomass products has many different types, each with specific characteristics and problems.

Therefor, PSB Inspection has a team of specialists, each specialized with regard to inspection and sampling of the various products. Quality and precision are our top priorities and our team’s specialties.

For solid fuels, such as different types and origins of coal for power generation, coke for the metal industry and Petroleum coke for various industries, we have various specialists available for you. Moreover, our team also consists of professionals specialized in the biomass industry and metals and minerals.

After carrying out an inspection and/or sampling of the cargo, you as the client will receive a comprehensive report with our findings.

We perform all sampling and sample preparation in accordance with the most recent International Standards ISO and / or ASTM standard. Moreover, we have further tightened these norms and standards by means of internal rules. Therefor, we can guarantee the quality and certainty for all parties involved, supplier and recipient.

PSB Inspection is also regularly appointed as “Umpire Lab”, where samples are received from the loading and unloading port. The judgment and the results as assessed by PSB Inspection are considered binding.